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New For 2013:

I've partnered with colleagues in Baton Rouge IT to form a total solutions company called GEAUXtecnology. I provide web design and SEO expertise while my partners have a wealth of experience in building networks, security, vitualization, server building and more. Please contacting us about Baton Rouge web design and SEO services tailored specifically to the needs of Baton Rouge busineses. Call (225)571-8881 and we'll arrange to meet and talk about your specific needs.

What Baton Rouge Businesses Need to Know About SEO:

The story I've heard the most out of business owners in Baton Rouge is something like this:

"I paid all this money for a website and it doesn't show up in Google? I heard you can fix that?"

Usually the story is a little longer and you have to add in that the person who's telling it is very confused. Building websites so that they rank in search engines is an art and while anyone can understand the basics it takes experience to master it. Over the past decade I've continuously worked with a wide variety of websites and businesses to make them rank better in the search engines in a natural way. I know what it takes to help you hear the words which justify owning a website:

"I was searching online and I found your website. Can you help me?"

Call or email me today. I will look at your website at no charge and tell you if I can help you. I specialize in Organic Search Engine Optimization and I prefer to work in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area because it's my home town and I'm all about promoting Baton Rouge business. Need proof? Check out my Baton Rouge website over at Best of Baton Rouge. I consider it a testament to my ability to produce results in the search engines. Using my experience in online advertising and SEO I've made Best of Baton Rouge one of the most highly visited Baton Rouge sites out there.

Social Media Advertising

Building a strong social media presence is as important as optimizing your site. It shows commitment to reaching out to customers. I'm experienced and can help you quickly develop your visibility in the popular portals such as Twitter and Facebook.

Baton Rouge Search Engine Optimization Client Spotlight:

Baton Rouge Signs in A Day
Signs in a Day - Baton Rouge: - A great Baton Rouge sign company who called me looking to rank better for their primary search terms in Google, Yahoo, Bing. I've been working with them to optimize their site to better let people find them. I've recently started working to get them ranking for Baton Rouge vehicle graphics terms.
Baton Rouge Self Storage
Highland Self Storage of Baton Rouge: - A locally owned and operated self storage company in Baton Rouge. With GEAUXtechnology I've been working with Hank to get more leads and improve lead quality via SEO.
Baton Rouge Massage Therapy
Baton Rouge Massage Therapy: - Offers Massage Therapy in Baton Rouge. The best in Massage therapy especially if you need therapy for nagging injuries, age or other medical conditions. For athletes or those with muscle issus their deep tissue massage is the best. MDO Massage is also great if you're looking for the best relaxation massage.
baton rouge seo
David's Chair: - David constantly heaps praise on to me for the constant line of clients he picks up thanks to his website ranking well for Baton Rouge hair salon related keywords. He let me know he got 18 new referrals in a month thanks to the optimizations I made to his website.

You can see a longer version of my clients on the Search Engine Optimization page.